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Mawista Incoming Health Insurance

Insurance Services of Mawista specializes in international health, travel and visitors insurance. We offer high quality, affordable Travel Medical Insurance, Travel Insurance, Schengen Visa Insurance and Visitor Medical Insurance for:

  • Tourists/Vacationers,
  • Travelling Business people,
  • Work & Holiday participants,
  • Students & High School attendants,
  • Expatriates, Residents, Employees, etc.

International Medical Insurance / Travel Health Insurance provides coverage for emergency medical expenses incurred when you are traveling, working, studying, or temporarily living in a foreign country.

Brief overview of our travel insurance product:

  • Maximum insurance period: 365 days,
  • Minimum insurance period: 10 days,
  • Requirements for Schengen visa are met,
  • No deductible,
  • Territory covered: worldwide, excluding home countries,
  • Conclusion of contract prior to departure or as immediate follow-up cover: no waiting periods, otherwise waiting period of 8 days – except in cases of accidents,
  • Extensions prior to expiry possible via phone, fax, email or letter.
    Piece of advice: extensions can also be declined, it is therefore better to apply for the complete period directly.
  • Suitable for follow-up coverage.




Age: Premium per day without USA/Canada Premium per day with USA/Canada
Till the age of 64 1,25 EUR 3,50 EUR
from 65 to 80 2,50 EUR 7,00 EUR

– Additional private liability and accident insurance on request 0,40 € a day.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Travel Medical Insurance?
Travel Medical Insurance provides health insurance coverage for travelers outside their home country.

This coverage includes:

  • Emergency medical expenses,
  • Medically required walking aids and wheelchair rental,
  • Hospital treatment (including emergency operations),
  • Repatriation (covers medically indicated and justifiable repatriation costs to an appropriate hospital closest to the insured person’s place of residence) and more.

Why do I need a Travel Medical Insurance?
You need a Travel Medical Insurance because of:

  • Accidents happen everywhere,
  • You may have to pay expensive out-of-pocket costs for medical care,
  • Language barriers can affect medical treatment,
  • Finding quality medical care abroad can be difficult.